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"17829MCK", Female, 3Yrs 1 Months   brindle/brown Shepherd Dog 1102376
BABY ...more
"18934OS", Female, 3Yrs 1 Months   tan/brown Shep Mix Dog 1102595
BURRATA ...more
"10663", Female, 6Yrs 1 Months   red/white American Staffordshire Terrier Dog 1104424
Sunny- In Foster ...more
"10662", Male, 0Yrs 11 Months   blue/white American Staffordshire Terrier Dog 1104430
Whiskey ...more
"20284", Male, 2Yrs 1 Months   brown DSH Cat 1105576
COLIN ...more
"20732ALLEN", Male, 2Yrs 0 Months   black/white Akita Dog 1109144
"20972", Female, 1Yrs 0 Months   white Rex Rabbit 1109560
SIMON ...more
"20808", Male, 4Yrs 0 Months   grey/white American Staffordshire Terrier Dog 1109741
DONCIC ...more
"20979", Male, 2Yrs 0 Months   brindle Boxer Dog 1109951
BRIMSLEY ...more
"20742", Male, 5Yrs 0 Months   brindle/white American Bulldog Dog 1110122
ANNIE ...more
"20432", Female, 3Yrs 0 Months   Buckskin American Staffordshire Terrier Dog 1110831
DAKOTA ...more
"20918FR", Female, 4Yrs 0 Months   red/white Husky Dog 1110987
"20451", Male, 0Yrs 2 Months   blue DSH Cat 1111063
DURANGO ...more
"20501", Male, 1Yrs 6 Months   black/white Husky Dog 1111220
"20514", Male, 1Yrs 0 Months   black/white Labrador Retriever Dog 1111376
CANVAS ...more
"20519", Male, 0Yrs 3 Months   black/white Labrador Retriever Dog 1111408
TWEED ...more
"20518", Male, 0Yrs 3 Months   black/white Labrador Retriever Dog 1111414
JERSEY ...more
"20523", Male, 0Yrs 3 Months   black/white Labrador Retriever Dog 1111429
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